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The foot – back connection! Have you checked your feet lately?

November 5, 2012

Many people take their feet for granted and underestimate the information that they can provide about your daily aches and pains.   Your feet are first in line in the chain of responsibility of trying to balance your body weight.  Second is the leg muscles, third the knees, fourth the hips, and finally the spine.  Each have their share in the responsibility, but if the chain is broken at the bottom, then that alters everything above.

The effect that walking, standing, running, and doing activities has on our feet/bodies can be determined by looking at the soles of your feet and your shoes.  Check for calluses (under the second toe, baby toe).  Check for dry and cracking heels.  Check the soles of your shoes for wear-and-tear on the heels (often you will find one side wears down a lot faster).  Check the arches of your feet by rolling your foot over a tennis ball or soup can. Are there areas of pain?

If you found that you could say, “yes, I have that” to any of the above check points, then you need to have your feet checked.  These are all signs that your feet are unbalanced.  This leads to scar tissue in your arches, weak ankles, knee problems, and ultimately back problems.  Daily stretching and strengthening exercises are a must. Have your feet checked by your chiropractor to determine if orthotics are needed, and have your massage therapist check for scar tissue and muscle imbalances. Don’t shy away from your feet anymore; look at what they are trying to tell you.